Our Mission

At Ingleburn Family Healthcare your quality of care is our priority. We aim to provide the highest level of service to our patients. From modern treatment facilities, to highly skilled staff, we provide an efficient management system to deliver safe and high-quality treatment at a level of care that you and your loved ones deserve. We are committed to upholding the tenets of best practice and treating our patients with respect, sensitivity and honesty.

Our Promise to You

Confidentiality, Privacy and Your Health information.
Ingleburn Family Healthcare always maintains the security of personal health information. All medical records are subject to the utmost confidentiality ensuring the privacy of all patient information. Information is only accessed by authorised members of staff for the purposes of improving or enhancing your health care.

Reminder System

Ingleburn Family Healthcare is committed to preventative health care and as such employs strategies to ensure that you receive the best level of care possible. Our recall system is in place for routine screening and care plans, whereby our Practice Staff may contact you regarding follow up appointments, providing superior management of your health needs.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of a diverse range of health professionals who are highly trained, dedicated professionals. They are fully devoted to their patients and will provide the level of care you and your loved ones deserve. They offer a broad range of services to our patients and work in conjunction with allied health professionals to ensure that they are practicing the best possible treatments available.

Our centre has attained AGPAL accreditation, whilst AGPAL accreditation is voluntary, we have attained this accreditation meaning that all our staff are trustworthy and fully licensed according to national statutory requirements.

Our team excels in delivering safe and high-quality treatments. We uphold all the tenets of best practice and firmly believe in treating our patients with respect, sensitivity, and honesty.